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Dec 14, 2023

In this week’s episode, I engage in a comprehensive 'Israel 101' discussion with Doron Ben-Atar, Professor of History at Fordham University.  We explore pivotal historical events, including:

- The founding of Israel: Analyzing the impact of political anti-Semitism in Europe, the Zionist movement's quest for a Jewish state, and the significance of the 1947 UN partition plan.

- The 2000 Camp David Summit and the Oslo Peace Accord: Unpacking the complexities of failed negotiations and underlying trust issues between Palestinians and Israelis.

- Examining Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership and his role leading up to the October 7th terrorist attacks; Israel's evolving international reputation, and the emergence of anti-Israel sentiment within specific American groups.

- Delving into the irrationality of prejudices such as anti-Semitism and their profound impact on Jewish identity and societal dynamics.