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Jan 2, 2023

This week, I'm chatting with Heather Dykes, an Instructional Designer from Springfield, IL.  (

We talk about Heather's early days in HR, and her early decision to get involved in designing training programs rather than delivering them.

We delve into the following topics:

- The rudiments of training on leadership development, systems, policies, and "training the trainers" on a multitude of topics;

- What makes for good training and bad training;

- The nexus between the design phase of the training and the delivery of the actual training;

- The training workflow, from diagnosing needs, working with SME develop learning objectives, to L&D consultation, design, review, and finalization;

- How Heather handles revisions and the process of fielding client feedback (VO people take note - specify the number of rounds of revisions in writing!)

- General HR topics such as the much-talked-about "open door policy," and the post-pandemic future of remote/hybrid work.

Check out this week's episode!