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Jul 12, 2022

This week, I'm honored to visit with Gamal Hennessy - attorney, author, and business consultant based in New York City.  Gamal specializes in boutique entertainment law, helping to guide writers, artists, AV post production folks, and others, through the oftentimes tricky and potentially treacherous waters of contracts and intellectual property law.

We cover the following topics:

- What is a contract, and why do artists need them?

- Why artists should protect their legal interests as if their project will be "the next big thing;"

- Why artists often collaborate on a revenue sharing basis rather than by paying up-front fees;

- Why voice artists need to be aware of the rudiments of trademark infringement when making VO demos;

- Why artists so often sign whatever piece of paper is put in front of them just to get the gig;

- Is the PGA Tour a monopoly, and can the new breakaway Saudi Golf league steal the tour's best players?

Check out this week's episode!