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Feb 12, 2024

This week, Dan engages in a conversation with Robin Bose, India's leading golf journalist.  Dan and Robin delve into the transformative impact of LIV Golf and the implications of the proposed merger between the PGA Tour and the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Interview highlights:

  1. LIV Golf's Genesis: Robin Bose sheds light on the origins of LIV Golf, tracing its roots to Greg Norman's vision of a select group of elite players guaranteed substantial prize money.

  2. Influence and Expansion: Reflecting on LIV's influence, Robin argues that its coexistence with the PGA Tour has not diluted the sport but rather diversified the field, creating greater opportunities and financial rewards globally.

  3. Proposed Merger and Future Prospects: Robin offers insights into the proposed merger between Live Golf and the PGA Tour, discussing initial agreements and ongoing negotiations. He outlines the potential structure of the post-merger entity, emphasizing the roles of key figures such as Yasser Al-Rumayyan and Greg Norman.

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