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Apr 29, 2020

This week, Dan chats with best-selling author and branding expert Sean Pillot de Chenecey about his excellent book, "The Post Truth Business: How to Rebuild Brand Authenticity in a Distrusting World."

We discuss the following topics:

-- How do businesses build and maintain "reputation capital"?

-- How brands can differentiate themselves in a highly commoditized, highly competitive marketplace;

-- How "adland" has evolved since the days of Don Draper, and what factors influence the decisions that we as consumers make regarding the brands we choose to associate with;

-- The worst, most tone deaf ad in the history of modern advertising;

-- Why it is essential for today's brands to be trustworthy, reliable, and competent;

and finally....

-- Will Artificial Intelligence and voice synth technology put voice actors out of work? Sean has some interesting (and perhaps reassuring) thoughts on this topic!